Welcome to IOTAHOLICS!a NFT art collection on Tangle



The initial idea was to create an avatar that would be identified with IOTA, that somehow, wearing it would mean that you support IOTA, its projects and its ideas. After weeks of artistic work we realized that with all the drafts we made, we had the beginning of a collection of NFTs. And following that path we ended up creating IOTAHOLICS.
Iotaholics is a NFT PFP designed exclusively for sale within the IOTA Tangle network through the new Soonaverse platform. This project has been made with the idea of helping to make this community bigger and to make the profits become part of the community, both in the form of future investments and in the form of prizes for the participants. Taking advantage of the worldwide impact that NFTs are having and with the novelty of IOTA in this field, we believe it is the right time for our project to move forward. We strongly believe in IOTA, and the fact of being from the beginning, as pioneers, will undoubtedly give our IOTAHOLICS an added value.
We have set some short term goals that you can check in the roadmap section: presence in social networks, creation of an iotaholics club, etc. But the biggest goal is as we said before, to contribute to enlarge the IOTA community. We also want to do something for the people who have bet on us, and the first step (small step) will be to distribute 50% of the profits from the sale of the NFTs among those who have invested in IOTAHOLICS. This will be done in the form of a raffle, the bases of which will be decided as soon as we see the participation and the amount of the prize. The rest will be reinvested in new projects, gifts and benefits for the iotaholics community, which we know that will grow more and more.
Finally we want to thank you for being here, for being part of this project. And remember... there is no yesterday, tomorrow is far away.Buy now :D


    Make a Twitter account to publish the progress

    Create a space on Soonaverse and make a proposal

  • 3) WEBSITE
    Create a website where to explain the project and the roadmap

  • 4) DISCORD
    Make a community on Discord

  • 8) REWARDS
    The ones who mint the first 1,000 Iotaholics will have access to different kind of rewards (exclusive NFTs, badges on Soonaverse, discounts on merchandising...)

    IOTA is based on the community. Cooperate with other projects will make our community greater

  • 6) PRE-SALE
    Launch 1,000 Iotaholics for 50Mi (pre-sale price)

    Distribute 111 Iotaholics during giveaways on twitter

    Introduce Ethereans (and others) into our IOTA Ecosystem through Youtube interwiews, promoters accounts, outdoor advertising...

    Produce different kind of merchandising like T-shirts, socks, original drawings...

  • 11) SALE
    Launch 10,000 Iotaholics (remaining Iotaholics) on Soonaverse

    Create an exclusive club for owners of a Iotaholic

  • More information soon...

  • More information soon...

    Create a new NFT project named Iotaholics Girls

  • 13) RAFFLE
    We will raffle 50% of the profits from the sale of the NFT among the owners of a iotaholic

· FAQ ·

  • What is an NFT?

    An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. Basically it's one of a kind digital asset that belongs exclusively to you.

  • What is IOTA TANGLE?

    The IOTA Tangle is an innovative type of distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is specifically designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. IOTA Tangle was developed to enable micro-transactions without fees for the growing ecosystem of IoT devices.

  • What is a IOTAHOLIC?

    An IOTAHOLIC is an PFP NFT. It is designed to be used as a profile picture to let people know that you support IOTA.

  • Why I need a IOTAHOLIC?

    They are awesome. You can use it as a profile picture because deep down you are already an iotaholic!

  • How can I get a IOTAHOLIC?

    Will be giveaways on twitter and later a pre-sale. Public-sale will be on Soonaverse.

  • How much does a IOTAHOLIC cost?

    Pre-sale 50Mi // Public-sale tbd

  • Do all IOTAHOLICS have the same rarity?

    Some iotaholics have the IOTA logo (headband, patches, t-shirt, eyes). These only appear 10% of the time.

  • How does the raffle works?

    The details of the raffle will be decided later, as soon as we see the participation and the amount of the prize.

  • When will the raffle be held?

    The details of the raffle will be decided later, as soon as we see the participation and the amount of the prize.

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